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I took an Easter Break this year

I took an Easter Break this year

Hi Everyone,

I took an Easter Break this year, I’m back. Here is a short western style story I came up with, and yes the Good Guys triumph over Evil Outlaws: The posse chased the murderous outlaw gang into the badlands canyons. They paused, while Tracker Joe examined the remains of the outlaws last camp site, “It looks like they want us to follow them into the canyon. They didn’t try to hide their hoof prints this time. With all this brush on the trail, we’re to close for my liking. My gut tells me they’re close by, waiting in ambush on the lower trail.”

The Marshal looked around at all the brush, “Boys, we’re not going to ride into an ambush blind. All this brush gives me an idea, here’s what we’re going to do …”

Near sunset, in the fading light the posse slowly headed out. About a mile down the trail, shots rang out from the cliffs above. Rifle bullets riddled the bodies of the riders on horseback, stopping the posse dead in their tracks.

The outlaws fired wildly at the posse, as they raced down to the slumped over bodies to finish them off; only to discover tied to the horses saddles were scarecrows made of brush and blankets.

Suddenly, from atop the cliff, rifle shots rang out, but this time, it was the posse firing a deluge of bullets down on the outlaws below. They quickly shot down all the outlaws. When it was over, the posse came down from the cliffs. The Martial grinned, “Good job men, now let’s find their horses and pack these desperadoes back to town.”

I hope you enjoyed this tale, it will be in my next short story book.


Joe Wocoski


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