I Hope I’m Not to Technical this Time

The Temptation by John Landis 1828I am very close publishing my second book in my Old Testament series this weekend, “Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 2” subtitled “Book of Genesis Chapters 28 to 50”. Not sure if the Large Print version or Paperback version will appear first because it seems to be a race to see which one I finish first? I think it will be the Large Print edition this time. LoL

In case you’re wondering about the basic process I follow:

First, I register my work on-line with the US ECO Copyright Office. After you register your work with them, you are free to publish your work, the following day.

Second, Yesterday, I started the separate on-line publication process with the Amazon subsidiary, to get it published on Amazon.com: I set my book title up, got an ISBN number, uploaded the interior text file, did the initial electronic proof reading of it, built the cover, and then submitted it to for review. It usually takes 24 hours for the CreateSpace.com staff to review and approve it. Once approved … I’ll do one last proof read of it again and then give it the final approval. Unless I find a typo hiding somewhere between the pages. Then I correct it and repeat the process again. Once approved, the book will appear miraculously on Amazon.com within 3 days. So far the majority of my books have made it up there in a day or two … knock on wood.

Well I hope I didn’t get to technical this time, and you enjoyed reading about the basics of what goes on in the background.

Have a nice day


Joe Wocoski