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How Not to Get Out of Jury Duty … at least for now LoL

How Not to Get Out of Jury Duty … at least for now LoL

Hi Everyone,

I was called for  Jury Duty on Monday, however, late Sunday I had just finished writing a short story I was working, and went to get up off my recliner when …  a sharp pain ran through my knee cap. I could barely walk and my leg felt like a lump of lead. Within a matter of minutes, my leg swelled up like a balloon. Needless to say, my wife and I quickly decided to head off to the 24 hour walk in clinic. I was able to just barely make it down the stairs and hobble out to the car. It took an effort to get into the car, but once inside on the passenger side, I suddenly realized the swelling had almost vanished, but my leg was still weak and painfully needing attention.

In no time and at all, we arrived at the walk in clinic. I was still not able to walk. So my wonderful wife went inside to get a wheel chair for me. Inside we went through all the normal paperwork stuff that everyone goes through, including the waiting our turn part. We tried to make light of it, and like Julius Caesar, who said, “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Well the doctor “Attended, Examined, and Leg Braced me.” And on top of that, she made an appointment for me to see an Orthopedic Surgeon on Monday afternoon.

Monday morning, I was supposed to be at Jury Duty by 8:30 AM, but I was still in no condition to drive, so I called the Juror hot line number only to discover they were not taking calls until after the Jury Selection completed at 10:30 AM. So I waited on pins and needles, quite literally with my knee still bothering me.

At 10:30, I quickly called the Jury number again, and this time got a real nice sweet talking understanding person on the other end of the line. I told her what happened, and we quickly arrange Jury Duty for February 2018, for me to satisfy my Jury Duty responsibilities. Also, they will even send me a nice reminder card. I think it will be the same Jury Duty form, threatening  that if you skip out on Jury Duty, they fine you $1000. LoL

I was really disappointed in not going to Jury Duty. It seems once every 7 years they contact me, only to say nope not this time, and I thought maybe this time, will be the one time, I will actually be selected to sit on a jury! Ah! Maybe in February, I’ll see. LoL

As for my knee, I saw the Orthopedic Surgeon, he was a very nice doctor, very hands on knee cap and not bashful about knowing exactly where to squeeze my knee to make me wince and cry uncle. However, more importantly, he determined, it was a case of strained hamstring and tendons along with water on the knee. The fact that my knee swelled up so fast and then quickly deflated was actually a good sign, for that meant I should heal in 3 to 6 weeks.

Well that is about it, for now.





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