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How Not to Catch the Flu (A Public Service Message)

How Not to Catch the Flu (A Public Service Message)

Hi Everyone,

Right now the worse flu epidemic has hit the entire United States and the world.

Here is a link to a helpful 2-minute long Learn and Live video on the Washington Post:

‘Wash your stinking hands!’: ER nurse rants about ‘cesspool of funky flu’

The other way is to avoid going out as much as possible until the flu season is over, so, stay home. Whether we are sick or not as we all know we get house fever (crabby and temperamental) when we are stuck in the house, and bored binge watching reruns on cable.

So why not pick up one of my word search books and have some fun. Not only will you avoid getting the flu but you will have fun distracting yourself and not getting House fever, too.

May God bless you with good health in this time of sickness.


Joe Wocoski



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