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Here’s a Halloween Trick or Treat Love Tale

Here’s a Halloween Trick or Treat Love Tale

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a Halloween Trick or Treat tale about two lovers, does one betray the other?

Welcome to Neverest

Here is a Halloween Trick or Treat tale: Growing up in New England, I swear that every town and village has their witch tale. If you ran into a witch today, what would you do?

Byron convinced Shelley, his fiancé, to visit his hometown Neverest for Halloween. After dinner they strolled hand in hand down Main Street.

Shelley observed, “The people here seem friendly for New Englanders, that’s the fourth villager who recognized you then smiled and nodded in approval.”

“Oh yah, we’re a friendly bunch alright. We’re just like the rest of the world. We are somewhat more cautious of strangers, until we find out who you really are.” A cold shiver ran through Shelley.

They turned on to Witch Lane, his grip tightened on her hand. Shelley started feeling uncomfortable with his grip, “Ah, Byron, how did this village get its name?”

“Well, some folks claim, it was originally named Resteasy, until the day they burned the village witch alive in a bonfire, and she cursed the town swearing to return.” Clearing his throat he continued “Ever since that day, no one rests easy here. Everyone still fears her return, and they changed the name to Neverest.”

Shelley uneasily asked him, “Where?”

Byron snapped back, “Where what?”

She gulped, “You know, where did they burn her?”

“Up ahead off Burn Street.” Then coldly, “Why do you ask?”

His grip tightened. She started feeling dizzy, she implored, “I’m not feeling well, can we go back?”

He slowly responded, as if by rote, “No, we have a surprise for you. It’s to late to turn back, we must get to the bonfire.”

He led the way pulling her along. She tried to resist, but couldn’t break free. There was a mob of women up ahead piling branches on a raging bonfire. They saw her. Fear gripped her. They all shouted at her … something about a surprise bridal shower.

The End


JB Wocoski

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