Here is a little bit of Labor Day & End of Summer Fun! Stonehenge & Now Superhenge!

Hi Everyone,

Here is a little bit of Labor Day & End of Summer Fun! for you to read about. It seems that 4,500 years ago some ancient culture built Stonehenge, and there have been wild theories about who should be given credit for this magnificent prehistoric building project, which anyone going to England just has to visit. Someday before the end of time, maybe I’ll visit there too. Anyway, wild claims have been made that the Atlanteans, or the same builders of Mystery Hill in New Hampshire … or maybe Space Aliens like the Minbari. Hmmm, my guess are the Druids.

Well anyway the prestigious Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of the University of Birmingham has discovered  a “SUPER HENGE” that is even larger than Stonehenge and it is just 3 kilometers from Stonehenge … Ah that is about 1.8 miles.  Well you might ask how has it remained hidden after all these years? So in 4,500 years no one noticed it, pretty good stealth technology? Nope Just dirt and beside no one was looking for it … ahh they all thought it was just a giant hole in the ground until the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute studied the area with Ground Piercing Radar. And that is not all they found, basically a lot more buildings and henges and burial sites. So if you want to relax this Labor Day thinking about Stonehenge and everything we don’t know about it have fun. It’s a beautiful day for a picnic with family and friends.


Joe Wocoski

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