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Have you ever heard of Christian Science Fiction?

Have you ever heard of Christian Science Fiction?

Hi Everyone,

The other day, some one asked me what do I do to relax? I told them, I write Christian Science Fiction short stories known as flash fiction. I have written over 100 stories and published 2 books of them. We’re all short on time these days, so most stories are between 250 and 1000 words long for a quick read. Think of them as modern day morality plays or parable like stories set in the future with hidden meanings, and each story ends in an unexpected twist.

These are my Christian Science Fiction short story books published as JB Wocoski. My 1st book won an award and received a couple of 5 star reviews, and I recently published a 2nd book in the series.  Please take the time to check out my Deadwood Chronicles book series by JB Wocoski. You may want to add them to your reading list, or mention them to your friends who are looking for meaningful reads. I am now publishing 1 book a year, and just like my Bible Word Search Books, they are available on Amazon as Kindle e-books and on Kindle Unlimited, and in Paperback and Large Print editions.

Thank you very much and God Bless You,

JB Wocoski

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