Guess Who’s Coming to Town and it ain’t Santa Claus?

Hi Everyone,

Now whether your Catholic, Protestant or Buddhist, this is the religious event of the Century in the United States. Never before has this happened. Come to think of it no religious event this big has ever happened here before. Sometimes, a once in a lifetime gathering of people just happens, and it … disrupts reality and the cosmos. In this case, next week the Pope’s coming to Wash DC. That’s right, he is coming to America, and the Pope will be stopping by the White House to visit President Obama and then on to Congress before he is whisked away in his Popemobile caravan to the next stop on his itinerary.

The crowds will be uncountable but somehow controllable, all bumping and shoving and uttering highly non-religious epitaphs about having their feet stepped on by fellow passengers. The Metro and busses will be jammed with wall to wall people, while the parking garages will be full with all roads clogged and blocked by well-wishers, the curious and those stuck in traffic wishing they could get to work or just back home to safety again. It will be more crowded then the Fourth of July or Restore Sanity Rally.

The Government has already issued a work at home announcement for those who telecommute and has announced road closings and issued traffic advisories to stay off the roads and the beltway for good measure too. I cannot imagine anyone getting home on time the rest of the month, never mind by Christmas Eve. So will I go and brave the crowds and take my camera, and try to get a glimpse of the white, square top of the Popemobile? Who knows? Maybe, maybe not!


Joe Wocoski

I think this must be the month of Mark for Bible Studies, so this post is brought to by the “Large Print New Testament Word Search Fun! Book 2: Gospel of Mark” I thank you all.