Green Turtles on the Move to Australia?

This year the Green Turtles are on the move through my neighborhood, how odd.  Usually, they stay to the lake and runoff streams. Not sure why, there seems to be plenty of food, water and shade for them, but they still insist on trying to cross the busy streets to get to the other side, or maybe they are trying to get to Australia.

Well, the other week, there was a large green one poking it’s head up through the unmowed yard grass  on the corner, between the sidewalk and the busy road, so I sent my daughter and son-in-law out to rescue the poor thing. They did, and brought it to the nearby lake. Now today was my turn, early this morning before work, my daughter called me a few minutes after she left. She had spotted one wandering aimlessly on the side of the road by the state park.  So I headed up there, and sure enough another green turtle, it only took a minute to get it headed back in the right direction as I placed it back in a nearby brook.

Before I forget, in Australia, like some other countries, only my kindle e-book version is sold; the other day, I had my first sale in Australia of my Kindle e-book “Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 1”. Thank you very much  and I hope you really enjoy it.