Give unto Caesar … Yep it’s that Horrible Tax Day Again! LoL

Hi Everyone,

Today is Tax Day here April 15th! Give unto Ceasar … Gaius Julius Caesar; er not Sid Caesar, even though growing up he was one of my favorite comedians. Yep it’s Tax Day Again! And I paid my taxes, as I am sure everyone else does!

NT_Book 7 Gal to Hebrews Front Cover

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Enough about taxes, I submitted my next book today “New Testament Word Search Fun Book 7: Galatians to Hebrews IX” for publication and it very quickly became available on, but it may take a few days to reach the foreign amazon sites.

Here is a Spoiler Alert that you can tweet or facebook about … My New New Book is now available on Amazon!

Walk with Peter, Paul, Timothy and Titus and have a good word search from Galatians to Hebrews in this seventh book of my “New Testament Word Search Books” series. This word search book is based on the Letters of the Apostles and is filled with Biblical word search fun for you, your family, friends and all the members of your congregation!

Well Thank you for visiting … that’s it for now, please keep an eye open for it on … Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up soon.


Joe Wocoski