Getting Closer and Closer

I’m getting closer and closer to publishing the second book in my New Testament series next week.

Another Thursday has rolled around, and this week I am deep into my volunteer Baldrige Conference Review work and expect to finish up by the weekend. Earlier this week, I registered, my next book in my New Testament Word Search Fun! Series with the Copyright Office, and this weekend I plan to start the self-publishing process. So by early next week my next book will be available to everyone on Amazon. And yes I’ll need to add it to my website, too, so you can all see it.

In the past, I have heard quite a bit of “Oh! You don’t have to, or don’t need to copyright your work, because it is copyrighted at the time of publication.” I disagree with this attitude vehemently! Believe it or not, registering your work with the Copyright Office is one of your Constitutional Rights, and by not registering your work there, you actually give up one of your basic and most fundamental Constitutional Rights. I have been thinking of writing an e-line article on this. Maybe later this year I will, a nice long title for it would be “Our Freedom of Property Ownership and the Importance of Copyright Registration” hmmm … this seems a bit long for a title and sounds a bit stuffy, too … LoL I’ll have to work on it.

Joe Wocoski