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For Halloween an Alien Encounter of the Weird Kind

For Halloween an Alien Encounter of the Weird Kind

Hi Everyone,

This week’s story is a humorous Alien Encounter story about being in the wrong place at the wrong time …

This week’s Flash Fiction tale: The Unrequited Dinner

Someday, mankind will make it into space and travel to distant stars aboard luxury star-ships along with other wealthy first class alien passengers. It is highly likely that minor cultural misunderstandings are bound to happen, as in this tale of an unrequited dinner.

Aboard the luxury star liner Nova Max, Miss Bangalora Dinglebot very slowly made her way back to her first class state-room, number eighteen.  Bangalora held on to the hand railing the best she could in the zero gravity environment.

The zero gravity only added to her alcoholic disorientation, as a result, she didn’t realize that she was floating upside down in the corridor as she looked for her state room.

No matter how hard she searched, she had no luck finding her state-room number eighteen. However, being upside down she floated right past it thinking it was room number eighty-one. All she wanted to do was to get back into her room eighteen and crash in her padded sleep cell bed.

Still upside down, she finally located room eighteen, thankful that she left it unlocked, she went straight to bed.

Soon something nudged her, poked and tickled her half awake, “Excuse me miss, are you the live fish sandwich, I ordered from room service?” She opened one eye and saw a giant Torguntulian green eye inches away from her face. Then she noticed it was hungrily drooling and holding three knives and forks in its tentacles.

Instantly, sober, she screamed, “No! I’m not your live fish sandwich!”  And hastily escaped from room eighty-one.

As She raced through the corridor she could be heard swearing,” I’m never drinking triple Martian Sunrises, again!”

Needless to say, the Torguntulian had a similar thought. However, it’s thought was about not ordering live fish from room service ever again, after all it was just to lively to catch and eat.

The End

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JB Wocoski

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