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Flash Fiction Editors’ Choice Winner for February 6th 2016

Flash Fiction Editors’ Choice Winner for February 6th 2016

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*** February 6, 2016 Winner ***

A Special Thank You to the Indies Unlimited Judges:  The moment has arrived Indies Unlimited announced the Editors’ Choice winners for their IU Flash Fiction challenges for January and February 2016. My 250 word flash fiction entry was selected as an Editor’s Choice for February 6, 2016.

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As you know, each week, the public gets to choose the Readers’ Choice winning entry by popular vote and the author is rewarded with a special feature on Saturdays. In the case of the Editors’ Choice winners, they garner a coveted spot in the first ever Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Editors’ Choice Anthology.

Flash Fiction Challenge: Form of a Lizard

Turtle Boy watched Lizard Man squeeze beneath the door to recover the Psybernetic Crystal. Anxiously, Turtle Boy kept a lookout for fiends.

Within seconds, he heard from behind the door screams of alarm and every sound of a vicious life or death fight. He even thought he heard a flame thrower and screams of anguish. He was proud of the merciless beating Lizard Man must be giving his opponents.

Suddenly Lizard Man shot out from beneath the door. He looked burned and beaten to a bloody pulp. Trying to catch his breath he said, “I made it to the middle of the room and climbed up on a purse to get a better view. Suddenly I was spotted. All hell broke loose as they threw everything and anything they could grab at me. It was the most horrifying fight for my life I have ever had. One of them even took a can of hairspray and tried to burn my tail off. Fortunately, it will grow back in a couple of weeks. I will just be sore between my legs and not able to use it for awhile. Truthfully, I barely got out alive.”

Shocked Turtle Boy lamented, “The dastardly fiends set a trap for you. I should have known. Did you get the Psybernetic Crystal?”

Larry stuttered, “No! Not a trap. I just went in the wrong room, it was the Ladies Locker Room. Quick, let’s try the other door, maybe the crystal is in there.”

The End

I hope you enjoyed my Short Story, and don’t forget to look for my “Last Master of Go and other Strange Tales” short story anthology Coming later this year.

JB Wocoski

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