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First November Short Story: Moosed Up

First November Short Story: Moosed Up

Hi Everyone,

Today’s story is called: Moosed Up

When sometimes the best laid plans of Moose and Men often go awry: Jimmy was driving home when he spotted a moose swimming across the lake. It was the first moose sighting in over one hundred years. Knowing this he slammed on the brakes, grabbed his cell phone, snapped a picture, and immediately sent the image to the Director of Wildlife Services, who jumped at the opportunity to add moose to the State Endangered Animal List. However, they needed to call a special assembly of state legislators to do it. When all was said and done, the meeting was set up for the very next day, the first day of deer hunting season.

Early that morning, twin brothers Marty and Marvin Malcovich, headed out, “Marvin did you place my tree stand on a better tree this year? I don’t want an embarrassing repeat of the tree bowing in half again under me. Not only was it laughable but I could a been killed.”

“Don’t worry Marty, I got us good locations overlooking the lake, and I personally selected a tree fatter than you are this time.” Marvin ribbed his brother, as he headed out to the his tree stand. He was about half way there when he heard a rifle shot in the direction of Marty. Well he high tailed it over there.

That afternoon the General Assembly passed the legislation adding Moose to the state endangered species list. That night someone tweeted, “For sale eight hundred pounds of fresh moose meat guaranteed fresh shot and dressed this morning.”

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