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Father’s Day Weekend Surprise and Time for some BBQing

Father’s Day Weekend Surprise and Time for some BBQing

Hi Everyone,

Happpy Father’s Day: Father’s Day Weekend is upon us, so I hope everyone has something special …  planned for this weekend besides mowing the lawn. First Mother’s Day comes then Father’s Day. Today, I plan to mow the lawn and knock some things off my Honey Do List like get the grill ready for some BBQing, this year they have a surprise for me.

A couple of quick updates:

  1. My new site is under construction, and starting to take shape, please check it out.
  2. My latest King James Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 13: Book of Chronicles I” and it’s Large Print edition is available on Amazon
  3. The third book in Job’s “Catholic Bible Word Search Books” series is 1/2 done, it looks on scvhedule.
  4. I picked a name for my first Sci-fi & Fantasy Short Story Book “The Last Master of Go and other Strange Tales” by JB Wocoski coming out in September 2016. Don’t forget to check out my Flash Fiction page for more on this book.

That about wraps it up for today, thank you for visiting today!

Have a Happy Father’s Day,


Joe Wocoski


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