Exodus Gods and Kings One Man Against an Empire

Exodus Gods and Kings

An Epic Battle One Man Against an Empire

Today, on cable I just saw the movie trailer for Ridley Scott’s new movie Exodus Gods and Kings opening December 12th starring Christian Bale as Moses, so I visited the website to find out more. With what I saw there, the cinematography and special effects look far darker than Gladiator. With all the death and destruction of the seven plagues and the pillars of fire and the crashing down of the waters of the Red Sea on to Pharaoh’s chariots  the dark undertones and musical scores seem to hit all the right notes. No heavy, long winded, drawn-out dialogue to put you to sleep, instead, it looks like a fast paced action packed adventure of Moses leading the desperate battle against Pharaoh and his dreaded cavalry and awe and shock charioteers. You can download the full sized poster from the movie site. I think this poster epitomizes the tone of the movie logo “One Man Against an Empire”  I plan to see it in December, when I do, I’ll let you know how it is, hope it is as good as it looks.


Joe Wocoski