Exodus Gods and Kings Movie Review

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Today, I went to see the movie Exodus this morning, I would give it 5 Stars because it is far more than an action adventure. Yes, there are few Biblical quotes or language in this movie, rather it presents the psychological conflict and drama between Moses, Pharaoh and God in terms the layman can understand today. It really strikes home and presents Moses and Rameses as real leaders in conflict with each other and both doubting God, until the very end of the movie. This movie looks to answer the question how did Moses become the leader of the Israelites, with all his faults and lack of belief, what turned him around. Look at it as Moses or mankind’s search for God and you will enjoy this movie.

Exodus Gods and Kings

An Epic Battle One Man Against an Empire

Rameses was brought up to believe that he is God, however, he lacks the conviction and confidence in himself and he is all to human. His jealousy of Moses and false beliefs and superstitions leads him to make the wrong decisions destroying those who follow him, and those to afraid to say no to him. More important he never accepts the idea that he is human and can make mistakes, for he is only a man pretending to be a God, which disrespects God, and causes God to want revenge for all the evil things the Pharaohs have done while acting like gods, which they are not. At one point God tells Moses that the Israelites have waited 400 years, don’t you think it is time to stop the madness of the Pharaohs and show them they are not Gods but Men.

Moses on the other hand, in the beginning is confident in himself, however, he only wants to serve Rameses loyally, until he discovers who he is, but cannot come to terms with being the son of a slave, and not a man of power. As Rameses, right hand General and advisor, the Pharaoh cannot bring himself to kill Moses. Instead, Moses is Exiled and forced out of Egypt, and for 9 years is happy to just be a shepherd, until an accident on Mount Sinai starts him talking to God, but only he can see and hear God. Others see him talking to no one there, and worry about his sanity. Yet He is given a greater goal in life by God, but now constantly doubting himself because only he can see and talk to God, no one understands this when he returns to Egypt to free his people. Yet everything he does fails to free the Israelites from their bondage, until God decides it is his turn and steps in and the plagues arrive, and they are depicted as horrifying on the movie screen as ever seen. Pharaohs advisors suddenly start give Rameses scientific rationalizations for each of the plagues, but the plagues keep getting worse and even the Israelites suffer. Rameses is slowly pushed closer and closer to the edge of sanity, until he seals his own fate with his own threat against the Israelites, and the last plague of the 1st born pushes Rameses over the edge of sanity into madness.

Finally, after all that the Israelites have suffered Moses finds and accepts God, while Rameses is a crushed man.

That’s about it, I plan to get a copy when it comes out on Blue Ray DVD.

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