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Now available on Amazon My Next Old Testament Book And …

Now available on Amazon My Next Old Testament Book And …

Hi Everyone,

Spoiler Alert! It’s Now Available! Start Looking for it on Amazon. Here is a peek at my next book in the Old Testament Word Search Book series. I cannot believe that I have completed 10 books in this series alone so far.  I just finished it and …

LP OT10 Samuel 2 BookCoverPreview
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Book 10 in large print and regular print fis now available. The cover design is based on the public domain artwork “David and Bathsheba” by Lucas Cranach the Elder in 1526 I thought with the Second Book of Samuel containing the Biblical Story of David and Bathsheba, that I would put them on the cover. You have no idea how many paintings I looked up on the web before I finally found a G Rated public domain image of Bathsheba with some clothes on LoL :>)

Now because the book Samuel II is shorter ( 121 pages) than the other books, it is now available on Amazon at the lower price of  $5.67 each. My lowest priced book to date.

I hope you are as pleased and excited about this book as I am, please enjoy and have meaningful fun with it.


Joe Wocoksi


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