Coming Soon My Next Bible Word Search Book!

Hi Everyone,

Usually, I try to post on Thursdays. I’m sorry I am just a day or two late, I was in training at work all week and didn’t get home until late every night this week.

Today’s News! My “New Testament Word Search Fun! Book 7 will be out some time next week.

I am trying to release it on good old April 15th Uncle Sam’s Tax Day, but it will all depend on when I finish my reviews and when I submit this 7th book in the series for publication, and on a whole bunch of work related last minute thingamajigs that I have to do and my family errands and stuff. I am Human after all and there is only one of me, it would be nice if there were 2 of me LoL.

Well, please do have a nice weekend, and thank you for stopping in to read my blog.


Joe Wocoski