Coming Soon! Old Testament Book 17 Psalms Part 1 of 2

Hi Everyone, Here is a publishing update for you: In the next day or two my new King James Old Testament book of Psalms will be available on Amazon, for your word search pleasure. Psalms was to large to fit into one book, so I split the Book of Psalms in two: The 1st book, “Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 17: Psalms 1 thru 77” will be out any day; The 2nd book, “Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 17: Psalms 77 thru 150” will be out later this Summer.

Coming Soon to Amazon!

Coming Soon to Amazon!

ext book I start on and will be available later this Summer.


Latest 5 Star Book Series Review

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Hi Everyone!

A Special Shout Out Thank You to my fan, who on May 8, 2017 left this nice review on Amazon: 5.0 out of 5 stars “Excellent!!! Awesome! I am a senior and the “large print” make them amazing to read. I just love Joe’s work it is outstanding! I am looking forward to book 17-Psalms! Click Here to read this Review.

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How to Have Meaningful Fun with the US Constitution?

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Discover the US Constitution

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Have Constitutional fun while you learn

Discover the Roots of Democracy

This Presidents Day, why not check out my fun and meaningful US Constitution Word Search Book for all students of the US Revolution and Democracy.   Here is a Fun and Meaningful Way for you to Discover the Roots of American Democracy. On every page are 12 meaningful and fun key words or phrases to find in the texts of the US Constitution and other key documents created by our Founding Fathers.

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Joe Wocoski




Why Not Let Shakespeare Entertain You?

Without looking it up, name me just one quote that you remember from even one book by any author, other than a book title. Then think of Shakespeare, and his quotes role off our tongues, as they were meant to do. His quotes have become a part of our language and our very souls. He was the playwright of his times. He enriched our lives with literally hundreds of quotes in his plays. Right off the top of my head, Shakespeare’s most famous line comes to mind, “All the World’s a stage and we are mere actors upon it.” OK, so I didn’t get it perfectly right, but you know what I mean.

You may know the titles of your favorite author’s novels, but with Shakespeare you know his words for sure. We use his words everyday without realizing it. There is a world of difference between Shakespeare, and any other author who has ever lived. Shakespeare never wrote a novel, his plays were meant to be spoken with meaning and performed Live.

So Why Not Let the Bard entertain you, today?

Get the Bard on Amazon, today!

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Get the Book of Job for More Meaningful Word Search Fun!

Hi Everyone,

I just thought I would give you an update on the progress of my latest book!

I completed, “The Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 16: Book of Job.

Get the Book of Job today for more Biblical fun!

JOB is Now Available on AMAZON for More Meaningful Word Search FUN!

Now you can discover why God tested Job, as you word search the verses of the Book of Job: Does God really believe Job is sincere in his beliefs, or just faking it because he has everything? Were Job’s friends able to console him over the loss of everything: his children, his flocks, his wealth and the destruction of his world? Does Job ever get to plead his case before God, and discover how  Divine Justice was served by his suffering? Does God restore Job’s wealth? Does Job get back his children, or does Job completely loose it and end up lost in oblivion?

Have meaningful word search fun as you discover the answers to these questions, and many more in the Book of Job, Today.

by: Joe Wocoski


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