Museum of the Bible Grand Opening

Click Here to visit Museum of the Bible site

Click Here to visit Museum of the Bible site

On November 17, 2017 is the Grand Opening of the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC. I checked out their web page an it looks pretty interesting. So I thought I would pass this event on to all of you. Check it out on line and the next time you visit Washington DC, you may want to add it to your itinerary.

Joe Wocoski


2 Free Bible Word Search Book Catalogs to chose from

TWO Great Series to chose from: to help you organize and make your book selections and purchases easier on Now you can chose between the Catholic Bible Catalogue or the King James Catalogue. Just click on the Catalogue image you want to download. Yes they are both free, and both filled with all the Bible books in both New Testament series and you get to select from 17 of the 24 books in the Old Testament or series published so far.

Click to Download Free Catholic Catalogue

Click here for this free Download

Click to Download Free King James Catalogue

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Discover Back to School Vocabulary Fun!

Make the Constitution Fun not Boring


Discover Back to School Fun building Student Vocabulary by Word Searching the US Constitution and other famous documents Check out the FREE Sample here or Check It Out on Amazon:


It’s Back To School Time Soon!

Hi Everyone!

Soon your Teens will be Back To School, here are a few of my books, which might help them learn in a fun way about the US Constitution or Shakespeare Sonnets in High School:

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Now Available on Amazon: Old Testament Book 17 Psalms Part 1 of 2

Hi Everyone,

Coming Soon to Amazon!

Now available for purchase on Amazon!

Just in time for  Summer Beach scene, the King James “Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 17: Psalms” is now available for your purchase on Amazon.

Because of the page length, I split the Book of Psalms in two: The 1st book, “Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 17: Psalms 1 thru 77” is available for your purchase.

Please tell your family and friends, also the next time your on facebook please check out my Bible Word Search Books page.

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