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Alien Encounter of the Third Kind

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Read it as the exciting story of the alien encounter develops and unfolds!

When the aliens finally arrive, will we be able to comprehend or communicate with them? Or will we be insignificant, non sequitur, only to be brushed aside as we do with germs?

The military tracked the saucer to its landing site not far from Los Alamos. Their troops set up a perimeter 8 clicks away from the massive alien, and the Alpha Team and Professor Reinhardt were sent in to investigate and ascertain the threat …




While you wait for my next book …

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The Great American Locust Plague in 1874

While you wait for my next book, here is an amusing tongue in cheek flash fiction story you might enjoy. The plague of locusts finally reached Washington, an emergency meeting was called in the White House. However, it did not get very far when Senator Locutia stormed out of the negotiations, cursing them all, “A plague on both your houses!”

No one took him seriously. After all, like all the rest of them, he was only there for his own best interests, and not willing to negotiate anything. Their President sighed, “Just once, I wish … (Continued on to my Flash Fiction page)


Flash Fiction Editors’ Choice Winner for February 6th 2016

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*** February 6, 2016 Winner ***

A Special Thank You to the Indies Unlimited Judges:  The moment has arrived Indies Unlimited announced the Editors’ Choice winners for their IU Flash Fiction challenges for January and February 2016. My 250 word flash fiction entry was selected as an Editor’s Choice for February 6, 2016.

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Special Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Star Announcement


May 14th, 2016

On May 14th, 2016 my flash fiction short story for the writing prompt “Sharp Stones” was voted as the Readers’ Choice in that week’s Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge. To read this short story, please click here. I thank all those who voted for my entry; thank you very much.


JB Wocoski


Last Master of Go wins Little Tokyo Short Story Contest

Hi Everyone,

Awesome Good News, My Short Story the  “Last Master of Go” was picked as the English Language Winner in the the 2016 Little Tokyo Short Story Contest. The winners of the third annual Imagine Little Tokyo short story contest were announced at the awards reception on April 21 at the Garden Room of the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center. More to come on it.

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