Well the Vote is in, so I went for a walk and stopped to smell the flowers

Hi Everyone,

And the flowers in the middle smell pink, too.

And the flowers in the middle smell pink, too.

Well the vote is in! Sorry! once again a newsletter has been voted down, by the vast majority. In fact not one e-mail was in favor of a newsletter. I guess people just want to stop by my site whenever they need a break, to find out how things are going with my books and myself. Rather than getting a monthly e-mail from me reminding them to stop by. I thank all of you, and I understand, for I get way to many emails as it is, myself. I would much rather be taking a nice walk around the block, and discovering the lovely flowers my neighbors have planted. You know just stopping and smelling the roses, so to say. And with that I say ado on this lovely summer evening, I think I’ll go for a walk, too.


Joe Wocoski