2 Free Bible Word Search Book Catalogs to chose from

TWO Great Series to chose from: to help you organize and make your book selections and purchases easier on amazon.com Now you can chose between the Catholic Bible Catalogue or the King James Catalogue. Just click on the Catalogue image you want to download. Yes they are both free, and both filled with all the Bible books in both New Testament series and you get to select from 17 of the 24 books in the Old Testament or series published so far.

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5 Reasons My Word Search Books are Great Gifts!

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I recently discovered it’s that time of year to start thinking of Holiday gift giving, again. Last week, I ran some errands for my wife: first, I stopped into a national drug store chain, and noticed … Continue reading


Safely out of harm’s way – Hurricane Irma is coming …

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Early this morning, my Daughter and Son-in Law with their Sheba Inu in their back seat, wisely, headed north out of Florida, and are now safely out of the harm’s way of Hurricane Irma.

Watching the news and seeing the devastation in the Caribbean, I know they made the right decision. Growing Up in the 50s and 60s, I went through a couple of hurricanes in New England. In particular, I remember one of the more than frightening hurricanes. We could see the maple trees bending all in the same direction. The torrents of rain and gale force winds pounded our house on what seemed all sides. The deep bass roar of the storm’s, furious, thunder shook us to the bone. Lightning would suddenly fill the room with blinding flashes. Suddenly, it was calm, the eye of the hurricane passed directly overhead. The rest of the hurricane, seemed pale to us as it tapered off. However, that was nowhere near the intensity of the 150 mile per hour winds and storm surge about to engulf Florida in the next few days.

For those safely out of harm’s way, here is the best classic hurricane movie ever made: Key Largo, about a bunch of criminals and crooks descending on a beach house and getting trapped inside during a level 5 hurricane. It has an all star cast, starring: Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall:


Now available on amazon kindle

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This morning, Book 2 in my Deadwood Chronicles series became available for purchase on amazon kindle. It is 50 More Strange Tales to entertain your mind: discover moments of strange weird flash fiction short stories to escape our mundane reality. Please check it out with the Look Inside.

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Shakespeare Word Search Fun! 5 Page Free Sampler

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Here is a 5 page .pdf sampler for Shakespeare Sonnet Word Search Fun! for you to Try Out, TODAY:

5 page Free Sample Sonnet Word Search Book by Joe Wocoski

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If you like it, then please check it out in regular or large print:



Discover Back to School Vocabulary Fun!

Make the Constitution Fun not Boring


Discover Back to School Fun building Student Vocabulary by Word Searching the US Constitution and other famous documents Check out the FREE Sample here or Check It Out on Amazon:


It’s Back To School Time Soon!

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Soon your Teens will be Back To School, here are a few of my books, which might help them learn in a fun way about the US Constitution or Shakespeare Sonnets in High School:

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