Shakespeare Word Search Fun! 5 Page Free Sampler

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Here is a 5 page .pdf sampler for Shakespeare Sonnet Word Search Fun! for you to Try Out, TODAY:

5 page Free Sample Sonnet Word Search Book by Joe Wocoski

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Why Not Let Shakespeare Entertain You?

Without looking it up, name me just one quote that you remember from even one book by any author, other than a book title. Then think of Shakespeare, and his quotes role off our tongues, as they were meant to do. His quotes have become a part of our language and our very souls. He was the playwright of his times. He enriched our lives with literally hundreds of quotes in his plays. Right off the top of my head, Shakespeare’s most famous line comes to mind, “All the World’s a stage and we are mere actors upon it.” OK, so I didn’t get it perfectly right, but you know what I mean.

You may know the titles of your favorite author’s novels, but with Shakespeare you know his words for sure. We use his words everyday without realizing it. There is a world of difference between Shakespeare, and any other author who has ever lived. Shakespeare never wrote a novel, his plays were meant to be spoken with meaning and performed Live.

So Why Not Let the Bard entertain you, today?

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A Fun Reminder for the New Year

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Visit My Fun Bible Word Search books

Visit My Fun Bible Word Search site

In the last year, my list of meaningful fun book offerings have significantly expanded. Here is a brief reminder to visit my new sister site Fun Book Blogs: You may not be aware of my which has timely Bible verses and Fun Bible Facts you can read and share, while I work on my next books in the KJV Old Testament Word Search Books Series, or my Catholic Bible Word Search Books series.


Let the Bard Entertain You

Or Let the Bard Entertain You Today

Then, there is my other site devoted to Shakespeare which has Fun Posts filled with Shakespeare Sonnets, or a Fun Filled Fact about William Shakespeare, and occasionally one of my own Sonnets, plus other news about my books.

IBCNU Joe Wocoski


There’s Something Old and Something New on My Site

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I don’t know if you noticed or not, but there is something new on my web site. Actually two something new. If you look at my Tabs you will now see two new tabs there. I thought you might all like a little bit of … Continue reading


Secret of Shakespeare’s Sonnets now on YouTube

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Isn’t everyone confused by what Shakespeare’s Sonnets really mean? Doesn’t Everyone love the mystery of his words? In this video you learn how to quickly and easily have fun digging into the word secrets of the Bard and decrypt the secret messages in my book “Shakespeare Sonnet Word Games First Foolery” by Joe Wocoski. There are five books in the series for you to have fun decoding. All are readily available on for you to start having fun with. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and have as much fun when you pick up a copy and start decrypting the Bard’s word secrets. Thank you – IBCNU Joe Wocoski


Well the Vote is in, so I went for a walk and stopped to smell the flowers

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And the flowers in the middle smell pink, too.

And the flowers in the middle smell pink, too.

Well the vote is in! Sorry! once again a newsletter has been voted down, by the vast majority. In fact not one e-mail was in favor of a newsletter. I guess people just want to stop by my site whenever they need a break, to find out how things are going with my books and myself. Rather than getting a monthly e-mail from me reminding them to stop by. I thank all of you, and I understand, for I get way to many emails as it is, myself. I would much rather be taking a nice walk around the block, and discovering the lovely flowers my neighbors have planted. You know just stopping and smelling the roses, so to say. And with that I say ado on this lovely summer evening, I think I’ll go for a walk, too.


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