I Published a Special Illustrated Book for Christmas for those in Love

Hi Everyone,
In this season of peace and love with Christmas just around the corner, I thought some of you might be looking for an inexpensive special gift to share with a loved one, or to… 

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May you have a Meaningful and Fun Christmas

A Merry Christmas to All,

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Christmas season this year. It is a time of rejoicing and celebration for all Christians. Jesus wanted us to be like children to enjoy life and to live in peace, so may all of you have a fun and meaningful Christmas.

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What Dreams are Made Of

Hi Everyone,

I published the “Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 9: Samuel Book I

To celebrate today I posted this week’s Flash Fiction Story. It is a simple flash fiction tale about a couple trying to blend in at a soup kitchen, only to discover fate just caught up with them. So if you ever watched the “Maltese Falcon” then this flash fiction tale is right up your alley. I call it: What Dreams are Made Of 

Remember, we’re all scurrying about getting gifts and running errands for Christmas, so please keep a sharp eye out for the Walking Phone Dead, who are paying more attention to their iPhone or smartphone when they cross the road or parking lot right in front of you.

That’s it for now,

Peace and God Bless You,

Joe Wocoski


Cyber Monday is Over But Christmas will soon be here

Hi Everyone,

Cyber Monday may have gone into history along with the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy.

But my new book “Large Print Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 9: Samuel Book I” (Large Print Old Testament Word Search Books) (Volume 9) is now available on Amazon.

New Book

Did you get your stocking stuffers for Christmas?

Get fun and meaningful stocking stuffers for under the tree.




Christmas is just Around the Corner Happy Amazon Shopping!

This year, the Christmas retail season is now upon us, I am surprised at all the Christmas decorations and merchandise already in the stores.  I hope you have all enjoyed my books, thank you for making them a success. I hope you have also enjoyed my free word search samples on my Freebies page, like the helpful book tutorials, which I make available for you, and the easy links for you to get to Amazon from my web pages.

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Slow but Sure my next book is coming this year

Today my next book “Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 9: Book of  Samuel” or as many of you know it as Kings I  is coming along  slow but sure. I hope to have it available on Amazon for Thanksgiving. This is the time of year we should all try to be… Continue reading


Merry Christmas! Help Bring Peace to all the Lands

Hi Everyone,

Merry Christmas, I thought with this being the first year of my blog, I would share with you a poem I wrote and published in my short poetry chapbook “Caught in the Eye of Everything” and on the web for all to share.

If only it were true, and could happen, where a single tear drop could be handed off from one person to another, every time it rained, then we would all look at the world differently. We would live in a much better world because we would all be touched by peace in every shower and every rain storm. To bad Global Warming does not just bring the rains, but peace as well with every rain drop falling on everyone and all lands. If only the rains could send this message by: e-mail, or facebook, or instagram, or twitter, or by … what ever else mankind invents to spread the word.

Imagine a world filled with peace instead of hatred … May some day there be True Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All … It only takes one person to start it all … you, please pass it on.


The Single Tear Drop of Peace

What if all the teardrops, of all the world, were added together for only one year?

Peace would spread near and far with every rainstorm everywhere.

We would have a river of peace, a pool of tranquility across all oceans.

All seashores would rest in silent prayer from those whose tears washed hatred away.

All death and destruction would vanish from here with each and every tear drop this day.

No more would we kill each other, no more would we hurt our brother.

No more would wars rain down upon us, instead, peace would reign across all lands.

To think it could start one day with, but a single tear drop of peace from your eye.


Help bring peace, please pass this poem on to friends and family, near and far.

Thank you and Merry Christmas

Joe Wocoski


Two Days Left and a Few More Stocking Stuffers

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re all enjoying this holiday season and have almost finished your Christmas shopping. With Christmas just two days away, there is not much time left. Unless you’re giving gift cards and waiting for that Big After Christmas Sales Day. Perhaps this year with the day after Christmas being on a Friday maybe there will be a repeat of  Black Friday or Boxer Day Sales.  I think a lot of people are waiting for this, as for myself it will be raining the next few days, and I plan to curl up with a good book. I was surprised to read on Sunday, that only 50% of those polled had finished their shopping and the rest were looking for last minute bargains online and in the stores.

Well we have almost finished our Christmas Shopping with just a few stocking stuffers left to get. My wife asked me for some stocking stuffer ideas, or small presents for me to put under the tree? I told her, Christmas is for fun things and I still like getting a few paperback books and a couple of DVDs. Everyone needs to get some small inexpensive and fun presents under the tree because it brings the Christmas spirit and kid out in all of us when we get something fun to read or play with.

I hope you all have a Happy Holiday

Merry Christmas


Joe Wocoski