A Timeless Lost Love – This Week’s Short Story

A Tale of: Timeless Lost Love

An emaciated, little old man stood there, intently turning his time machine door knob. With every twist of his wrist, either left or right, the scenic view in its glass door changed. He asked himself, “I know it’s there somewhere, why can’t I find it?” Continue reading


Is Memorial Day Just Another Day to You?

In Memory of All Those who Served Our Country in times of war.

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Hi Everyone,

John 15: 12-13   This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

It is Memorial Day Weekend, so please on Monday take some time to think of those we have lost to war. Please remember in your prayers the veteran’s and wounded warriors who served along side them, who now need your help.

Thank You

Joe Wocoski


Now on Wattpad My Alien Encounter of the Last Kind

Alien Encounter of the Third Kind

My Weekly Serial Now on WattPad

Read it as the exciting story of the alien encounter develops and unfolds!

When the aliens finally arrive, will we be able to comprehend or communicate with them? Or will we be insignificant, non sequitur, only to be brushed aside as we do with germs?

The military tracked the saucer to its landing site not far from Los Alamos. Their troops set up a perimeter 8 clicks away from the massive alien, and the Alpha Team and Professor Reinhardt were sent in to investigate and ascertain the threat …




This weeks Flash Fiction Tale

Modern Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories Book 1

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Hi Everyone, here is this week’s Flash Fiction Tale, and, it will be appearing in book 2 of my short stories. This week’s story is called: Dude! It’s Wild Life

Along with the birds in the treetops around him, he was the first to see the morning sunrise, and the last to see the sunset. Everyday, he saw breathtaking views of the Serengeti plains surrounding him. All he wanted were the sweet succulent leaves atop the nearest tree.
Late in the afternoon, he spot the poachers, knowing full well, they were here for the elephant and rhino horns, and not … (click here to read the rest of the rest of the story)


While you wait for my next book …

to find out more about locusts click here

The Great American Locust Plague in 1874

While you wait for my next book, here is an amusing tongue in cheek flash fiction story you might enjoy. The plague of locusts finally reached Washington, an emergency meeting was called in the White House. However, it did not get very far when Senator Locutia stormed out of the negotiations, cursing them all, “A plague on both your houses!”

No one took him seriously. After all, like all the rest of them, he was only there for his own best interests, and not willing to negotiate anything. Their President sighed, “Just once, I wish … (Continued on to my Flash Fiction page)


How to Have Meaningful Fun with the US Constitution?

Hi Everyone,

Discover the US Constitution

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Have Constitutional fun while you learn

Discover the Roots of Democracy

This Presidents Day, why not check out my fun and meaningful US Constitution Word Search Book for all students of the US Revolution and Democracy.   Here is a Fun and Meaningful Way for you to Discover the Roots of American Democracy. On every page are 12 meaningful and fun key words or phrases to find in the texts of the US Constitution and other key documents created by our Founding Fathers.

Thank you

Joe Wocoski




Get the Book of Job for More Meaningful Word Search Fun!

Hi Everyone,

I just thought I would give you an update on the progress of my latest book!

I completed, “The Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 16: Book of Job.

Get the Book of Job today for more Biblical fun!

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Now you can discover why God tested Job, as you word search the verses of the Book of Job: Does God really believe Job is sincere in his beliefs, or just faking it because he has everything? Were Job’s friends able to console him over the loss of everything: his children, his flocks, his wealth and the destruction of his world? Does Job ever get to plead his case before God, and discover how  Divine Justice was served by his suffering? Does God restore Job’s wealth? Does Job get back his children, or does Job completely loose it and end up lost in oblivion?

Have meaningful word search fun as you discover the answers to these questions, and many more in the Book of Job, Today.

by: Joe Wocoski


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