Busy as a Bee this last week

Hi Everyone,

This last week, I have been “Busy as a Bee” with my September Book Releases.


Finding Moses by Bourdon 1600

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Well this week, I finished up publishing of Book 3 in the Old Testament Word Search Book Series: “Large Print Large Testament Word Search Fun! Book 3 Book of Exodus” and my companion series book “Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 3 Book of Exodus”

Yahoo! I now have all 4 books published for September.

You may not know this but every week, after work, I try to visit a different church in my area. This week, I was able to visit four churches in my area, asking them to post my flyer.  I am so glad that the DC Metro area has so many churches, and I am getting a warm response from the church members.

At one church, I visited there was a weekly senior citizen group meeting going on and they invited me to tell them about my books; well they were very pleased to hear that I had a Large Print series available.

At another church, I was asked if I had a Kindle version? This is the first time someone asked me this. And I am pleased to tell those of you who have Kindels. Well …  Yes! I’m slowly working on a Kindle version but I am having issues getting the format just right, for you.  I hope to have my first Kindle version of the “New Testament Word Search Fun! Book 1 Gospel of Matthew” available for some time in October. So please check back here to find out how I am doing with it.

Thank you all so very much,


Joe Wocoski