Boom Goes the Night!

Sunday, 4:30AM … Awakened by the house shaking from a loud BOOM! The air conditioner stopped and total darkness engulfed us. The hall and night lights disappeared into a blackened world void of light, not two hours before dawn. Even the LED alarm clock was dead, leaving us in total darkness. Now I am sitting up in bed unable to sleep. BrokenPoleWithin a matter of minutes we heard the siren call of the police cars, fire trucks and rescue vehicles rushing to a vehicle shattered by a pole about a hundred yards up the road from us, at the corner of the main road and the entrance to our development. Once again a reckless drive has plunged his vehicle head long into that solid pine power pole, at the intersection, severing it from the ground, as if cut by a knife. This poor power pole has just been hit for the second time, in as many years, at the entrance to our development on what is without a doubt a fairly straight road. The last time it happened, it was a dump truck, the driver uninjured; the paper stated that the police had estimated that driver had been doing 70. This time, I would soon find out the police would not let anyone near the site. It was now 5 O’clock and I was wide awake and without power and not knowing when it would return.  How was I going to finish my Baldrige Independent Review today? I had set aside today to finish up Section Seven, the Results; even under the best of circumstances it would take me most of the day. I drove to my office and spent the day in solitude, working on it. I finished well before the midnight deadline. And that is how I spent last Sunday. IBCNU Joe Wocoski