Large Print Shakespeare Sonnet Word Games First Foolery

Large Print Shakespeare Sonnet Word Games First Foolery
Large Print Edition Shakespeare Sonnet Word Game First Foolery by Joe wocoski is filled with Word Games to Enjoy Playing, Unscrambling and Figuring Out.
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About the Book

Special Large Print Edition! For those looking for a Large Print Book of Word Games to Enjoy Playing With, Unscrambling and Figuring Out! Are You Ready to have Loads of Fun for Hours At A Time? Are You Ready to have Fun Playing with Shakespeare’s Sonnets? A Great Diversion! 150 pages of Large Print Word Searches made to have Fun uncovering the Secret words Hidden in Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Easy to See Word Search Fun that You Can Take with You Anywhere to Scribble On.

This is the first large print book in the five book word game series by Joe Wocoski, and it costs less than your lunch and lasts longer, too! Word Searches, Word Scrambles, Number Fumble Scrambles, Da Vinci Code Scrambles, and Cryptograms.

Whether you’re a Scrabble Player or just love Word Scrambles and Searches, then you will love this scrambled up word game book made for you! Enjoy Playing With these scrambled up Word Games! Have Loads of Fun for Hours at a Time! Discover the hidden and scrambled words in Shakespeare’s Sonnets! Carry it in Your Purse or Backpack where ever you go!

Inexpensive Word Search and Scramble Games for You to Play With! Start having Real Word Search Fun Now! Don’t Miss Out! Once you finish, there are more word game books in the series to Have More Fun! Give Yourself Continuous Word Game Fun for less than the price of a fast food meal! Order a copy of this scrambled up word game book and start your fun unscrambling Shakespeare’s sonnets, today

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