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The Big Burp Theory of the Universe for Kindle

The Big Burp Theory of the Universe for Kindle

The Big Burp Theory of the Universe for Kindle
What's so scary about the Big Bang anyway? Why Nothing! Once you make it Ridiculous! Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a tiny red particle that just had to Burp and this is the story of what happened next. So laugh out loud and BURP! Make Screeching sounds and Big Burps and Zoom all around, and Slurp your way through the pages. Make all the Gurgles and Glunks, Big Burps and Hiccups, and don't forget in the end ... Someone has Garlic Breath, so Hold Your Noses!
About the Book

When my daughter was five years old, she heard of the Big Bang Theory and it scared her half to death … She thought everything was going to blow up! So, I made up this story up about a tiny particle that just had a very, very, Big Burp and what happened to it. This story calmed her fears and made both of us laugh out loud making Screeching sounds, Big Burps and Zooming around, and Slurping our way through it.

So as you read this book aloud with your kids or class make the sound effects with all the Gurgles and Glunks, and act out the Big Burp and Slurping Vacuum … Don’t forget to hold your Nose for whoever gets the Garlic Breath!

I hope you all have as much Fun, as we have reading this book to my daughter. Have Fun!


Joe Wocoski

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