Book of Judges Book Blurp

Hi Everyone,

I had company this weekend or I would be further along on my next book. However, I am getting closer to finishing it. In fact I am over 90% complete with the “Old Testament Word Search Fun! Book 8: Book of Judges” and I am looking for … a cover for it. I thought I would show you the rough draft of my book blurb for it that I am going to use on Amazon and in my Press Releases, and I will probably shorten it LoL:

“Have fun Word Searching the Book of Judges, and discover the holy land is in chaos and turmoil and how six Judges through personal heroism came to struggle against and rescue their people from the oppressive kings of the surrounding nations. Find out how the Biblical adventures continue after the death of Joshua, when the Israelites once again turn to sin and fall under the subjection of  a king in Mesopotamia, and then how Othniel rose up to be their deliverer. Then how Ehud assassinated the Moabite King Eglon, and rallied the Israelite tribes into battle to defeat the 10,000 soldiers of the Moabite army.
As you have fun word searching, you discover how a true heroine Deborah, the prophetess, successfully led a counterattack against the forces of Jabin king of Canaan and one of the oldest passages that portrays fighting women. Then word search how Gideon raised an army of 22,000 men and when God informed Gideon that the men he had gathered were too many to be an effective fighting force, how only the 300 strongest and bravest were chosen.
Discover one of the darkest Bible tales about Abimelech’s betrayal of his kinsmen when he plotted against his 70 brothers and was able to kill all but one to gain the throne of the kingdom. Then search through the Battle of Shechem and his death at the hands of his armor bearer during the siege of Thebaz. Continue to have fun discovering how the elders of Gilead ask Jephthah to be their leader in the campaign against the Ammonites, and how Jephthah succeeds in defeating Ammon to become a chieftain, and then the tragic tale of the sacrifice of his daughter.
Find out what drove Samson’s temper and rage against the Philistines? Then the infamous tale of Delilah’s  betrayal  of Samson,  and after being blinded how he destroyed the Philistine leaders in their temple and his own death.”
Well that’s it for now, this week I’ll keep you up to date the best I can as I get closer to releasing this book. Thank you for visiting my site.
Joe Wocoski