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A Timeless Lost Love – This Week’s Short Story

A Timeless Lost Love – This Week’s Short Story

A Tale of: Timeless Lost Love

An emaciated, little old man stood there, intently turning his time machine door knob. With every twist of his wrist, either left or right, the scenic view in its glass door changed. He asked himself, “I know it’s there somewhere, why can’t I find it?”

Exasperated, he released the door knob and stepped away. Still in deep thought, he crossed the room to his desk, and looked back at the scene in the door. He worried aloud, “Will I ever find her?”

Tired, he leaned against his desk, when he saw the shadow of a figure pass by the other side of the glass door. He went to call to her, but she was already gone. He sighed, wishing it was her, “How could I be so foolish? I should have never let her spin that door knob and walk through that door in time. I’ve got to find her before she’s lost forever.”

He went back to spinning the door knob, wishing he could end his nightmare. All he wanted was to be with her again. Finally, he heard it click, he looked up at the scene. Excitedly, he knew in his heart this was it. Quickly, he yanked the door open and rushed through, to be with her.

Sadly, his grandson explained, to the police, “He was obsessed with that door. I don’t know how he ever unlocked those old balcony glass doors. We always kept them locked ever since the balcony collapsed twenty years ago … killing grandma.”

The End

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