A Surprise Weekend to Mercersburg Inn

Hi everyone, Joe Wocoski weekend at Mercersburg InnMy wife surprised me this last weekend with a quick get-a-way to the Mercersburg Inn, even though it rained on Saturday, we enjoyed just hanging around the Inn and relaxing after a nice breakfast on the enclosed porch. The rooms were real nice with canopy beds and our second floor room had a nice view out the double doors down to the front yard. Our room was the one in the middle behind the four columns, it used to be the “dressing room” it made many a hotel suite look small with plenty of closet space. The Innkeepers were a very nice couple with very nice, polite and friendly staff. Joe Wocoski at Mercersburg AcademySunday, after we left the Inn, we drove around the Mercersburg Academy, what a beautiful Prep-school. In the background of this picture on the main campus is their beautiful church overlooking the academy. We drove under the the shade of tree lined roads around campus, then headed back to Maryland. Before we left we even found President’s Buchanan’s small log cabin in a small shaded park like area on the campus. When you compare it next to the Church, I think you could probably pick it up and carry it through the front doors of the church, that is how small it was. Needless to say  it was a one room gray log cabin. IBCNU Joe