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A Short Story for you this week: Waiting

A Short Story for you this week: Waiting

Hi Everyone,

Here is a short story to entertain you this week, it is a tale of subtle revenge called: Waiting

As soon as Sue stepped off the gang-plank, she ditched her husband, to be with Jim for a few quiet drinks. They found this quaint little bistro, one floor above the tourist filled street of Martinique. They ordered Pina Coladas. However, Sue now sat there alone wondering when he was going to return from paying the bill.

A smiling waitress came by and placed their bill next to Sue’s empty glass. Sue sat there staring at it, she asked herself, “Why did I trust him, only to be betrayed, again?”

She reached into her pocket and discovered her wallet with her credit cards in it were missing. Fortunately, she had some cash in her purse. On her way back to the cruise ship, she spotted him smoozing another female passenger, “Excuse me Jim! May I have a word with you?”

Smiling, he turned and stopped in mid sentence, “Not now, can’t you see…” He spied her hand on a gun in her purse; together, they stepped down a side alley.

Sue flashed her ID, then she stuffed it into her wallet as she boarded the ship. She saw her hubby by the stern, they kissed, “Oh, what a long day I had, I would kill for a drink, please get me one?”

As her husband left the railing, the cruise ship pulled away from the pier. Smiling, Sue quickly slipped the still warm revolver out of her purse, and dropped the gun into the sea, unnoticed.

The End

This short story will be in Book 3 of the Deadwood Chronicles while you wait, please check out book 1 in the series: Last Master of Go: and coming soon Book 2 in the Deadwood Chronicles series Dead Man’s Shift:

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