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A Short Story for you this week of a Sudden Expected Demise

A Short Story for you this week of a Sudden Expected Demise

Hi Everyone,

Here is a short story to entertain you this week, it is a tale of a sudden expected demise:

Rapid Dan’s Demise

Rapid Dan, the world-famous kayaker arrived at Victoria Falls. From the edge of the cliff, he screamed, “I want aerial shots, from beginning to end, of my heroic trip over the falls. This will be my most awesome publicity stunt ever! You there, make sure the kayak safety line is secure!”

Dan screamed, “Come on, move it everyone! This isn’t like our arctic shoot with a month of daylight! Now Move It, before we lose the light! Laura get out of that make-up tent and get over here!”

Dan’s wife Laura rushed out of the make-up tent, still fixing her bra strap. Then while buttoning her blouse, she called to Dan, “I’m all set.”

Will someone get her a hair brush? We don’t have all day! ”

Louie, the hairdresser rushed out of the make-up tent with hair brush and scissors in hand. Laura called to him, “Louie, over here! Thank you, your such a sweetheart.”

Dan recited his monologue about how great a kayaker he is, then climbed into his lime green kayak, “See! No falls are to dangerous for Rapid Dan.”

He pushed off from shore into the rapids, ” Ok cut! Now pull me back in, and get the dummy for the falls! ”

As the crew pulled him out of the rapids, the safety rope snapped, and Dan went over the falls, never to be seen again.

While Louie comforted Laura at the edge of the rapids, no one noticed them drop the scissors into the rapids.

The End

This short story will be in Book 3 of the Deadwood Chronicles while you wait, please check out book 1 in the series: Last Master of Go: and coming soon Book 2 in the Deadwood Chronicles series Dead Man’s Shift:

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