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A Short Story for you this week about a Safe Haven

A Short Story for you this week about a Safe Haven

Hi Everyone,

Here is a short story to entertain you this week, it is a tale of survival and the need for someplace safe to call home:

The Safe Haven

After three years of being chased by zombies, and watching everyone he knew die or disappear, Harry finally made it to the coast and found his way to the island. He remembered it as a safe haven filled with happy memories.

He docked the skiff at the marina and unloaded the last of the supplies from the main land; enough canned food and dry goods to last a year or two, all the weapons he needed to defend himself, and of course fishing and crabbing gear.

He was surprised to discover the island completely deserted, but than again, it was a vacation destination with few locals. The beach houses were totally abandoned and overgrown. Everywhere he went, there were no longer any paths or foot prints in the sand, no signs of zombies, nor of man or beast; just the sea gulls, pelicans and other migrating birds.

Luckily the inn was still in good shape, and just like old times: he found the key under the door mat. Finally home, in a safe place to stay without the fear of being attacked every single night. At last, he really felt at home.

Soon he fell into a regular routine everyday: a dawn walk around the island, then fishing or fixing up something at the inn or a guest house. He even made weekly supply runs to shore, always making sure he was back before dark. Then one day on a supply run, he disappeared never to return to the island, as so many others have done before him.

The End

This short story will be in Book 3 of the Deadwood Chronicles while you wait, please check out book 1 in the series: Last Master of Go: and coming soon Book 2 in the Deadwood Chronicles series Dead Man’s Shift:

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