A Pleasant Christmas Surprise for Seekers of Christmas Lights

Hi Everyone,

Here is a pleasant Christmas surprise for you this Holiday Season, I thought I would share with you a poem from my poetry book “Snowed in by a Warm Fire“. It is a simple poem about driving around town and looking at all the Christmas lights with the delight of a child seeking the most beautiful lighted home.


Seekers of the Lighted Holy Grail


As if searching for the ancient Holy Grail,

they drive up and down all the back roads

late into the longest night of the year.


Their quest is the myriad of lighted homes,

yard ornaments, and Christmas trees; all lit up

with colored lights to brighten the darkness.


To bring the happiness of childhood memories,

events of wistful thinking to a conclusion,

on this drive through darkened cul-de-sacs.


To seek the perfect light display, a memory

that brings out that warm downy feeling

of past Christmas Eves on this night alone.


Knights of the Holy Decorated Lights.

Worshipers of the Lighted Santa Clause.

Seekers of the Lighted Holy Grail.


Drive on, drive on, not knowing where

the next string of lights will take you.



Merry Christmas

Joe Wocoski

This post was brought to you by my book “Snowed in by a Warm Fire