A nice rosewood spring image & a book update

Hi Everyone,

A Spring Rosewood image copyright 2015

A Spring Rosewood image copyright 2015

Just a quick update, besides publishing my books, I also create digital artwork and I would like to share this one with you this Spring. It is a nice flowery Spring Rosewood image.  Hope you enjoy this image!

Also, before I forget, I am almost finished with the draft of my next book in the Old Testament series (at least 15 more to go), and it seems to be on schedule for publication this month.

The 8th book in my paperback & large print New Testament series will be released in July, and of course it ends with Revelations. I already have 3 New Testament kindle books available, and in the second half of this year I’ll be releasing the 4th book in this series as a kindle edition.


Joe Wocoski