A Moment of Snowing Zen a Book and Recipe Update

Hi Everyone,

My next book in  the New Testament Word Search Series “Book 6 Romans and Corinthians” is coming along fine and I’ll have it out on schedule sometime in February. I am still trying to pick a recipe for the Superbowl to post, I am thinking of using one of my wife’s simple hot chilli cheese dips.

Someone asked me the other day where else are my books sold outside the United States on Amazon, well here are a few links around the world: amazon.ca amazon.de amazon.fr amazon.it amazon.es and amazon.jp and on amazon.uk

Also My Old Testament Word Search Fun! Series now has expanded distribution and can be purchased from even more on-line sites, retailers, libraries and institutions who purchase books from Amazon.com and CreateSpace.com.

A Moment of Snowing Zen

A Moment of Snowing Zen

The other day I took a walk in a snowstorm and captured this image and short video of the brief snowy zen moment with the sound of a bird cracking and eating a seed.

A Moment of Snowing Zen

falling snow all around

no one else to be found

a brief walk home again


Joe Wocoski

This post was brought to you by my book “Snowed in by a Warm Fire