A Halloween Treat for the Patriots

Hi Everyone,

Another super busy week at work, I was in training 4 days last week. As a result I was all labed out and totally computer-eyesed, seeing double LoL. I was glad to be home this weekend, just chilling out and … didn’t get much done except maybe part of the Honey-Do list like most husbands.

Well, last night, I watched the close Patriots 34/Colts 27 game it was challenging up until the end of the third quarter, when the Patriots got a Halloween Treat, I could not believe my eyes at a key scoring moment in the game the Colts botched it.

If you missed the game, you missed what is historically being called” the worlds stupidest play” yes the dumbest play ever in NFL history, these are not my words but their own Indianapolis News paper.

Near the end of the third quarter I am sad to report that the Colts tried a rope-a-dope, but left out the rope-a-. They shifted their entire line and left their quarter back and center totally unprotected. As a Result, the Patriots defense was totally unimpressed and steam rolled right over them, ouch!

Last season the entire NFL world was upset over the Patriot Inflate-gate, well, I doubt if this Colt Quarterback will ever live this one down. Sorry Guys if the “Wide World of Sports” was still around, you would be this seasons “agony of defeat” and it may have cost you the game. I really think the Patriots appreciated this Halloween Trick more as a Treat with a Big Bang.

I am still working on my next book in the “Old Testament Word Search Fun!” Series, and I will let you know next time how much headway I am making on it.

That’s all for now.


Joe Wocoski

This post is brought to you by “The Big Burp Theory of the Universe”  a good LoL for Halloween.