A Fun Reminder for the New Year

Hi Everyone,

Visit My Fun Bible Word Search books

Visit My Fun Bible Word Search site

In the last year, my list of meaningful fun book offerings have significantly expanded. Here is a brief reminder to visit my new sister site Fun Book Blogs: You may not be aware of my www.biblewordsearchbooks.com which has timely Bible verses and Fun Bible Facts you can read and share, while I work on my next books in the KJV Old Testament Word Search Books Series, or my Catholic Bible Word Search Books series.


Let the Bard Entertain You

Or Let the Bard Entertain You Today

Then, there is my other site devoted to Shakespeare  www.shakespeareisfun.com which has Fun Posts filled with Shakespeare Sonnets, or a Fun Filled Fact about William Shakespeare, and occasionally one of my own Sonnets, plus other news about my books.

IBCNU Joe Wocoski