A Copyright Tale and Promoting Good Karma

Yesterday, I had an e-mail adventure, and I hope you enjoy my long post, parable or tale. So please sit back with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy this tale:  You might not know it, but I register all my books with the copyright office and they have never sent me an inquiry about any of my books, they have always responded very politely and correctly to my inquires.

Well, yesterday, I finally, received a nice and polite e-mail inquiry about one of my books as to whether it was a single work or a compilation of separate works, like poems or recipes. If it were a compilation then the price to register electronically would be $55, instead of the $35 single work fee and I would owe an extra $20. Hmmm, I would have to explain the extra $20 to my wife.

Well, I thought about it good and hard and composed a nice polite reply back to them pointing out why my book was a single work based on one full book of the Bible and not a compilation.  I then received a nice reply back from them disagreeing with me and quoting a copyright publication to me.

I read it and still disagreed with them. But instead of reacting angrily and getting upset or bent out of shape, like so many people do these days, I like to figure things out: so I made a cup of coffee, sat down with it and thought about their position and even reread the copyright publication again and thought about what their point of view was based on in it, and found the portion that applied to my single work.

So in my next e-mail, I very politely referenced the exact portion of the registration publication which I felt applied to my book and very politely why it was a single work, and then e-mailed it back to them.

I must commend them, their response was very quick and very polite and their representative agreed with me that … Yes indeed! It was a single work because it contained all of one book of the Bible, and I did not owe the extra $20. Wonderful, now I don’t have to explain it to my wife.

Needless to say, I was very pleased, so I sent a very nice e-mail thank you note praising their representative on a job well done because the representative made an extra effort to review and verify what I said was true. I feel when a person makes an extra effort for you, it is best to thank them, for it gives both of you a very good feeling and promotes good Karma for all, and for the next person who needs their help, and it is what Jesus would have done.

I have always found that it is far easier to work with others when you are polite and professional, but more importantly understanding.  I was very grateful that they listened to me and responded in kind, very professionally and politely. Also to avoid this from happening again they even recommended that I make a simple change to the text description in the application, which I wholeheartedly agreed to and plan to do for the rest of my submissions, and this really makes my wife happy, too!

That’s it for now … I hope you enjoyed my tale … have a nice weekend.