A Cool Sunny Easter with Darth Vader & Peter Pan

Hi Everyone,

Lent is over, and on Sunday, we celebrated Easter, outside with daffodils in bloom. Altogether we had a simple picnic outside with family, friends and neighbors. My daughter and son in law took care of the yard and running the errands, while I  prepared the main meal of spiral ham, mashed potatoes and of course, green bean casserole. My wife asked me if I was going to follow the recipe this year? So I actually did LoL.

Everyone enjoyed the meal.  Everyone brought something either bought or homemade; the food was good. But more important, was being together as a family with our good neighbors around the same table under the warm sun. We all sat around the tables talking on every top we could think of, and reminiscing about growing up and  how fortunate we are to live in America.  A topic of interest was our 79 year old neighbor, he does competitive swimming and he told us that he is traveling to Europe soon for a team match. As we all talked, the little kids ran around with bubble swords and pretended they were Luke Skywalker fighting Darth Vader.  Of course, the oldest is always Darth and stoically took the bubble blows, but ran off to live another day with the other two in hot pursuit. Watching them, reminded me of all the Peter Pan sword fights I had with my daughter when she was that age, it was a good feeling, and yes I was the dreaded Captain Hook run off by the crocodile LoL.

Well that’s about it, my next book is coming soon, in about week, I am shooting for April 15th Tax Day.


Joe Wocoski