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A Cautionary Short Story of Survival

A Cautionary Short Story of Survival

Hi Everyone,

Here is a short story to entertain you this week, it is a cautionary tale of survival, and some legends should be believed:

Monstree Island

This week’s Flash Fiction tale: Monstree Island

Mary and Brian paddled their kayaks to Monstree Island in the middle of the fjord, “Brian, how did this island get its name? The trees are pretty here, but that dead tree near the landing area is kind of creepy, can we head back and camp on shore?”

Chuckling, he replied, “Nah, don’t be scared, that tree was just struck by lightning, besides the Vikings made the name up to scare invaders away from the fjord, and it worked, too.”

The two set up their tent and started a small camp fire. Mary still felt uncomfortable about camping here tonight, but she decided it wasn’t going to ruin their night here, “Sweetie pie, please tell me the story again.”

Brian chuckled again as he rattled off the story, “According to Viking legend: there were twin brothers, someone saw one murder the other by burying him alive in a pit on the Fjord shore, and then he escaped to this island. His first night hiding here, Oden struck him down with a bolt of lightning for killing his brother. As punishment, Oden transformed him into a man-eating tree. Since that time, no man has ever made it alive through the night here. Ok! Are you satisfied, let’s get some sleep. I’ll be right in, after I cleanup.”

Brian headed down to the lake to check on the kayaks. Suddenly, he felt something wrap around his ankle and yank him hard to the ground, knocking him out.

Day break woke Mary, she quickly realized she was alone in the tent, and Brian had not been there all night. Outside everything was as they had left it. She called his name, but there was no reply, worried she started looking for him. She was almost to the kayaks when she stopped dead in her tracks. She saw what looked like feet sticking out of the ground by the dead tree.

Totally petrified, she watched, horrified, as the last of the soles of Brian’s feet were slowly sucked underground between the roots of the dead tree. Sickened by the sight, clenching her fists, she forced herself to move her feet pass the dead tree to the landing; finally, making it to the kayaks, she escaped alive.

The End

Thank you for stopping in and reading this week’s tale, it will be in Book 3 of the Deadwood Chronicles while you wait, please check out book 1 in the series: Last Master of Go: and coming soon Book 2 in the Deadwood Chronicles series Dead Man’s Shift:


JB Wocoski

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