A Brief Update – it was a busy week at work LoL

Hi Everyone,

Sometimes it seems life just happens to catch up with you and just busies you out with a thousand different things going on at once. Well, …  that is the way it was for me this last week. Other than that, I was able to set up and format my next book in the Old Testament Word Search Book series, Book 8 Samuel or better known as the First Book of Kings. This morning, I went over to our church’s monthly men’s breakfast and helped them set up and then joined in. Helping others is one of the few pleasures we should all do when we get a chance, for it reminds us that helping others strengths our soul and prepares us for dealing with personal adversity and natural disasters.

Well that is about it,


Joe Wocoski

PS: A simple Revelation: in 3 weeks Halloween will soon be upon us, are you looking for something more fun or meaningful than candy this year? If so please check out The Big Burp Theory of the Universe for your young kids and have Halloween fun making funny noises.