Well I must be Human! It took over seven days of creation

It has been a real busy week, I set up the beginnings of my Gift Shop  and added the first products there: coffee mugs, still can’t get there … almost, maybe next week. If you will excuse the pun: but I am still trying to get a handle on this, so this is a work in progress with 4 coffee mugs and lots of hope and ideas for other products and art work.

Next …Well I did it! published my second book in my “New Testament Word Search Book” series, it took me numerous revisions to finalize it this time, well over the seven days of creation, so I am definitely human and prone to errors. It will always amaze me how after you think you have finally got all of the double words, and indents out of a book, there is always one last one that you missed, but this time …  I think I got all of them LoL :>)

So for your word search pleasure my “New Testament Word Search Fun! Book 2 Gospel of Mark” is now available on Amazon. And I am now finalizing the “Large Print New Testament Word Search Fun! Book 2 Gospel of Mark” book, which will be published in the next week. Still working on my newsletter, it’s not yet ready yet. Thank you for visiting my blog and may you have a great weekend, IBCNU Joe Wocoski