1st Sale of Book 8 and my Social Media Buttons

Hi Everyone,

NT Book8_Front_CoverToday, I would like to thank the 1st person who bought my “New Testament Word Search Fun! Book 8: Book of Revelation” book. It was purchased in the UK. I don’t know who bought it, but I hope you have fun seeking out the Seven Angels, and hunting down the Seven Headed Beast. Then word searching for the Seven Seals to open the Gates, and don’t forget to watch out for the Bottomless Pit.

Next, on my web site, I fixed two technical problems with my social media buttons that I did not know I had: first my facebook button was not linking to facebook, Ok! It was an easy facebook fix, now all of you on facebook can link to my facebook author page. Second,  my RSS Feed looked yucky! So I set up a Google Feedburner account and now my RSS Feed looks better.


Joe Wocoski