121314 has Passed into History …

Hi Everyone,

121314 has passed into history and is now long gone and over. I received two Big Burp Stories for 121314, and here is what they had to say about their Biggest Burp ever:

Joe Wocoski Audiobook

Big Burp Audiobook

1) There was complete silence in our household.  My 4 year old grandson was sitting reading some books and I was very quietly swallowing air as I drank my soda. The resulting build up of gas was approaching monumental proportions.  When it got to be unbearable, I let out one thunderous and LONG burp! My gums flapped over my teeth like an astronaut in a centrifugal g-force generator.  The only sound to be heard was the delighted laughter of my grandson who could sure recognize a Big Burp when he heard one!

2) The funniest burp I ever had was when I tried to burp the alphabet for my kid’s.  I didn’t make it because I was laughing too much, and so were they.

I hope all of you enjoyed these Big Burp accounts. For their valiant Big Burps,I sent out the Audible.com Promocodes to them this morning. From their descriptions of their Big Burps, I’m sure they and  their kid’s will enjoy listening to my audiobook very much.


Joe Wocoski