12/13/14 Has Passed us by! The last Consecutive Date of Our Century is now gone.

December 13, 2014 or 12/13/14 or 12 13 14 0r 121314 or even 12.13.14 no matter which way you say it …

In America, the last consecutive date for this century falls on the 13th day of the 12th month of the 14th year in the millennium at 15:16 and 17 seconds, in the afternoon, when the date and time will in fact, very briefly, momentarily, in the blink of an eye, for just one full second will read: 12/13/14 15:16.17 or 121314151617

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, on December 13th this day is the best meteor shower of the year, the Geminids Meteor Shower between 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm. Then after 11:44 the Moon rises and casts to much light to see the meteor shower, what a gate crasher. But on the bright side 12/13/14 does goes out with the Moon rising at the end of the day, oh how romantic.

Cool Huh! And 12/13/14 lands on a Saturday, too; I think there will be some partying going on that day to celebrate this numerical event, so you had better get your reservations to your favorite restaurants in early. From what I hear it is a popular wedding date for couples, too. Already on Pinterest there are pages devoted to 12/13/14 wedding images. Hotels are rushing to create 12/13/14 packages for weddings and parties. Hmm? I wonder if there might be a popular Birthday … 9 months later?

Pundits are starting to get into the act, commenting on the wedding plans at: The Onion

Just a few things to do around the world on this day:

Geocaching in Mesquite, Nevada is now celebrating 121314

In Guilderland they are holding a Schoolcraft Cultural Center Holiday Event

For someone in NY looking for a night out, at Carnegie Hall in New York, the Cecilia Chorus is performing Francis Poulenc: Gloria, Ralph Vaughan Williams: Hodie: A Christmas Cantata

For the Kid’s at the Minnesota Zoo there’s a Kindergarten Kids Festive Furries 12/13/14

Fremont Nebraska The Trailblazers have a Health Walk that morning

The Kansas Wrestling Association has a match ending on 12/13/14

Laguna Beach, CA has a Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt going on this day

In New Orleans, ere is a Presbyterian Christmas Church Event

Here is an odd coincidence in Indiana Law Codes 12 13 14 does your state have a law code 12 13 14, too? And What about Vitamin A?

While even, some internet sites are linking to Bible quotes, in particular: Ecclesiastes 12:12-13-14 Be warned, my son, of anything in addition to them. Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body. Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.

So enjoy this Saturday in a peaceful good way away from books and work which wearies the body and mind, for 12/13/14 is truly the last consecutive day of this century with three consecutive numbers, and is the last one of a number of numerical anomalies known as ‘sequential days’ this century.

Sequential days are extremely rare and there are usually a mere handful of them each century – in the US we won’t see the next sequential date for another 88 years. So for good karma: may you, your family, and friends may want to celebrate life this day, get married,  renew your vows,celebrate your Anniversary, or go to church or just spend a nice evening watching the meteor shower with friends and family; for this is the last chance you will have this century to truly celebrate this special unique date.

If you don’t celebrate on 12/13/14, it will be quickly over at midnight, and truthfully, you’ll just have to wait another 88 years and 20 days for the next opportunity to celebrate the next sequential day 12345 on 1/2/3 that is January 2, 2103, or to be more precise 1/2/3 4:56 but the real question is will you still be alive here to celebrate it? I think not. So why not enjoy it now.


Joe Wocoski